Why you should deal with us?


– No matter who you are and you have never buy or sell cars. We take care all procedures for you in one place through all communications e.g. phone, email, LINE
– You can send us the photos and details for price quote 24 hours at no cost.
– We can buy from your home or office.
– Price quote and car evaluation service if you are not ready to sell.
– Many transactions channels ex. Cash, Bank Transfer, Draft, Cheque.
– The most important, we open everyday 7.00-18.00


– Quicker to estimate price and contracting
– Call us immediately to check price.
– Pay cash quick not longer than 10 minutes.
– You can sell your cars even though still on leasing, we can manage in 1 hour.
– Don’t waste your time to find the buyers. Come straight here in all process.


– With more than 30 years in the car business for sale. Make sure that you take care of the paperwork went smoothly in the clear.
– And address, with the registration of a trade and business license is required. Can be checked Make sure you keep track of where, when, who to sell to.
– Rest assured that your car has been transferred neatly on sale.
– If you are a car lover, we understand you and trust that your car will be groomed from you.

Good price

– Price, ACCURACY not undersell
– Good condition or Low mileage ,We offer more than the standard 5-10% increase on all cars.
– We buy ourselves without having to go through an agent or broker. You can bargain with me directly.
– We have customers in many hands. And a group of customers with high purchasing power. Need a car in good condition We dare to pay.


Wut 089-688-9993
Sri 089-111-1169
Pakorn 081-619-5159

Line id : @19SP