History 19 Sripakorn

Our story has begun in 1985 in Bangkok. We bought the first Austin mini from our neighbor and post it on a newspaper for sale.

My dad and mom ,Mr.Pakorn and Ms.Somsri built up our business from zero. They never knew anything about a car. They studied from each people who came to see their car. We have just 6-7 cars at first era which park beside our old tenement house. After 5years of the attempt of business without any know-how ,We grew up step by step from 10 up to 25 cars along these 5 years. So we had to find a new place and move out from home business to set up our commercial business.

In 1990 We rent some space in ‘Champ car center’ near Mahaisawan intersection for park our cars. We work here around 18 years and gain up our stock to 50 cars then we can find another place bigger on Kalapapruek Road (about 5km from old place). After our survey and research about the new location, we decide to purchase that.

In 2008 we move to our new location with our 70 cars and set up our own company. We change the way from our home business to be a professional business. We always attempt to renovate everything up to date. We still operate until now and always take care every customer as like as our family members.



Wut 089-688-9993
Sri 089-111-1169
Pakorn 081-619-5159

Line id : @19SP